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    The time has finally arrived, we now have our very own blog!

    Its been a busy year so far down at DC Cycles; lots of events, shows, track building and even the bosses wedding have meant we have had to postpone our plan to get the blog up and running for the new year.

    Now we've had time to catch up – keep a spare tab open, make sure you've got teabags in the cupboard and watch this space for all the latest news on our Shop, BMX Team, Workshop Life, Future Plans and latest signed DH Riders….

Week 3/4

The past two couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful for myself. An injury sustained a couple months ago has come back to cause issues, consequently forcing me to limit the amount of time on the bike. Not all gloom and doom fortunately, as my time away from the bike means I can finally sort the poor knackered Scalp out! A se13942168_10210618599168157_407440538_nt of Halo chaos wheels in white with red hubs completes the wheels, a good conditioned set of saint cranks, a bearing change, new forks and stem should result in a mean build and keep the old girl running for a while. My couple of weeks off the bike and wearing an ankle support has had a good affect on my foot though – allowing me to send all the usual jumps without any pain or weakness, something that has been holding me back this past month. If you happen to damage a joint, then I really recommend a support. Mine costed about £15 from the pharmacy – sounds expensive, but id rather be back on the bike ASAP! The other negative recently is that my Clarks brakes seem to have an issue with their consistency. The rear brake lever keeps hitting the grip and stops working. It appears to only happen after repeated big hits (rocks, roots and big jumps) but is frustrating none the less. However, it appears that the problem is not all that common which could suggest a replacement would sort out the issues. Apart from that the brakes have been fine and I am sure the problem can be rectified! Still a bargain at £60 front and rear with hardware, look the part too! (see left).

The small amount of riding I have done last week was at Tidworth as usual, and was the best session for the year by far. Everything clicked into place, cornering well, throwing the bike aro13933465_10210618602728246_2130152063_nund, and generally just riding well. One thing can be said for sure, I have a slight love affair with my old 2007 Howler (right). I love the fact other riders either don’t know what it is, or are amazed by the fact there is still one being ridden regularly-sending 40 ft jumps and being ragged about the place! It sounds odd, but the bike isextremely capable, especially with its custom tuned shock (Van RC 2015), and allows for an impeccably balanced feel when airborne or cornering hard. Furthermore, world cup racer and internet superstar Phil Atwil was up Tidworth last month which made the ride even better! Phil was riding a hardtail jump bike and obviously riding incredibly well. It was pretty cool to follow him through some of the jump lines and have a chat – hes a pretty sound guy!

Next week I will be riding local and also plan to visit surrey hills very soon. Also, I am concerned with my addiction to Jimmy’s iced coffee, they have now become more than a pre-ride remedy. Check them out if you haven’t already! The fridge is always stocked in the shop (but not for long if I can help it!). 13900390_10210618610928451_772015849_n

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