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Finally the most anticipated race BMX frame in decades has landed at DC cycles

Finally the most anticipated race BMX frame in decades has landed at DC cycles. We are at the dawn of a new forefront in Bicycle Motocross! The ICE F-118 is the next generation for top performing riders and bikes around the world.



These frames are hybrid of all things race! With the perfect balance weight, stiffness, compliance’s and cost. Being made with a mix of the best alloy on the planet to get the perfect blend of materials for the application in each section of the frame. Give you the ultimate race frame on the market. Choosing not to go with carbon as for most riders the frames being so stiff gave such as solid harsh ride that it was not a true gain to be had unless you were an elite rider racing on the world cup race circuit. Even still you look at the line up and majority of the brand still opt for alloy as the material of choice.


With less than 1lbs between the world’s lightest carbon BMX frame the question is why would you spend the extra £600 on the frame of an average cost of carbon frames. The ICE can build lighter, stronger and less stress about if there is and frame damage in a big crash. (No needing to send your frame of after a big crash for to X-ray to make sure it safe to ride) leaving you without a bike weeks on end during race season. Well unless you’re a pro and have two bikes.

Choosing not to follow the trend of running road size BB in BMX they have stuck with the tried and test euro threaded BB, keeping life simple for the rider/home mechanic, standard parts and tools to be found track side if needed. No stress necessary when it comes to these frames.frame3




The jewel in the crown on this frame is that it’s future proof with the ability to take both Disc brakes and also has fully removable V-brake mounts making it easy for any rider to get the perfect setup. The 10mm rear dropout has a real range of 40mm of movement to get your wheel in the perfect place

With a tapered head tubethe frame can fit both 1”1/8 straight and tapered forks giving you the most advanced setup. Choosing to go with a zero stack head tube it makes life easier in what headset to run. No need to get confused by the different sizes of integrated headset bearing there are “is it a 41.8mm or a 42mm bearing for my headset”.frame5

Disc brakes is the future of BMX, racing getting more competitive; more control of the bike is getting more and modulation of the brakes.  It’s not the power that people are going for it’s the control and the ease to feel the brake much more. Suddenly you now have a whole new dynamic to your racing and something that you cannot get from V-brakes, but don’t worry these frames can fit both so you can always go disc at a later date.




As a whole Denham has done weeks and research and looking at charts, material, geo’s and everything else that is a factor to how thing make a bike feel, Being tech heads you know we all at DC love to get our teeth into something and Denham has put his money where is mouth
is with ICE and believes this is one of the best products ever to come into BMX.


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