Keep your bike safe and secure with one of our bike locks. A lock is an essential piece of kit if you leave your precious two wheels unattended for anytime.
When buying your bike lock aim to spend 10% to that of the value of your bike. D locks and chain locks have their place and are both useful, ensure your lock covers the frame as well as the wheels. It is definitely worth the spend.
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On Guard 8000 Brute LS D-Lock
Brute LS 8000, X4P Quattro Locking Mechanism for four-sided protection, longer 111x260mm (4.37x10.24”) TriRadius shackle provides more lockingoptions. Perfect for powersport applications.
On Guard 8009 Bulldog LS D-Lock
X2P Double Bolt Locking Mechanism offers best-in-class protection, long shackle provides more locking options to suit more environments.
On Guard 8029 Doberman Cable Lock
Doberman 8029, the extra protection of a X2P Power Double Bolt lock permanently forged to a lighter duty 185cm x 10mm (6’ x 0.47”) self-coiling cable.
On Guard 8036 Akita Cable Lock
Akita 8036, X2P Double Bolt Lock for ultimate pull resistance is permanently forged to a heavy-duty 185cm x 20mm (6’ x 0.79”) extra flexible steel cable. Rubber and vinyl coatings on lock body and cable protect paint and delicate finishes.
On Guard 8040 Akita Cable Lock
Akita 8040, X2P Double Bolt Lock for ultimate pull resistance forged to a 185cm x 12mm (6’ x 0.47”) medium-duty, extra-flexible steel cable.