Dumbleton Park.

We are a community based riding project run by riders, for riders.

We are made up of Mountain bike Instructors, coaches, youth workers, trail builders and cycle mechanics thanks to our friends at DC Cycles.
Our speciality is adventure and free-ride cycling and coaching by running a variety of different sessions to all the community.
We can develop and deliver sessions for any group or individual depending on what they want, need and on how they learn.
How we started:
We worked to convert an old vandalised play area into the first legal ride spot in Southampton backed by national lottery funding.

Other projects Dumbleton Park are involved in:
Big Bike Bash
Ride not Fight
Potterne Park
Redbridge Wharf
Moors Valley

 * (supporting The Forestry Commision )

What else we can do:
Toddler freeride
Mobilepump track
Suopply Bikes
Bike doctor
Bike maintenance courses
One to one ride work
Team building


Dumbleton Park is a community based legal riding spot based in Thornhill Southampton. It is run and maintained by local riders. Our aim is to offer a safe and legal riding spot and coaching by qualified staff to young people and other community groups. We also work with schools to promote cycling within Hampshire. Our members are also involved in many other local cycling projects and also trail building projects. We are qualified mountain bike leaders, and cycle mechanics. We love to ride and support many different local events as well as the ones we put on. If you would like to find out more, would like our help or just want a chat, please drop us an email at dumbletonpark@gmail.com or info@dccycles.co.uk




Cycle coaching, training and challenges for all the family!