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ICE RAPTOR Carbon Frame with IRC Sytem
ICE RAPTOR Carbon Frame with IRC Sytem
ICE RAPTOR Carbon Frame with IRC Sytem
ICE RAPTOR Carbon Frame with IRC Sytem
ICE RAPTOR Carbon Frame with IRC Sytem

Product Description


Frame kit sold with axle + IRC chain tensioners ''Ice Roller Coaster'' and rear through axle in Ø15mm.

This frame is made using advanced technological processes from the highest quality carbon fibers of the Toray T700 + T800 type (T800 used for reinforcement). Few brands use the T800.
The frame is molded in 2 parts which are then glued during manufacture.

The glue used is a high quality American glue named “9432”

Specific geometry:

“ARCH” type rear seatstays designed to accommodate a Flatmount type brake caliper, which makes the whole thing very discreet and refined. This system allows the mounting of a brake disc with a diameter of Ø 140mm.
Frame dropouts designed for mounting a Ø 15mm through axle (Ø 15mm axle delivered with the frame kit) or 10mm (adapter cups delivered with).

Technology and standards used:

 - Our RAPTOR frame comes with our revolutionary IRC (ICE Roller Coaster / integrated spring chain tension) system. This system will eliminate any hard points in the chain, and above all will allow you to keep a precise rear wheel setback adjustment, in the sense that you will no longer have to disassemble the rear wheel to remove your chain. Save precious time when changing a crown between 2 rounds!
Everything is easy to assemble.
 - Internal cable passage with carbon ''Pipeline'' type guidance for fluid guidance and appreciable ease of assembly. Entrance to the sheath at the head tube, and exit at the internal level of the left seatstay for a direct connection to your brake caliper.
 - Tapered head tube with integrated standard (SHIS: IS42/28.6-IS52/40)
(Also accepts mounting of a 1'1/8 steerer fork with a reducing fork cone)
-External bottom bracket type BSA 24 mm (Shinano Hollowtech II)

Robustness proven in the laboratory:
All our frames are subjected to a battery of laboratory tests, with requirements revised upwards compared to the usual data necessary for passing standards, to ensure that you have got your hands on a resistant product. (Front / rear impact tests, fatigue / torsion tests…)

15 mm real adjustment for the rear wheel / Fine adjustment of the rear wheel:
Adjustment from 365 to 380mm in PRO size
Adjustment from 375 to 390mm in PRO XL size
Adjustment from 385 to 400mm in PRO XXL and PRO 3XXL sizes

Accepts a Ø 27.2 mm seatpost
Seat clamp Ø 31.8mm
Weight: 1,380 kg in size PRO XXXL
Available in sizes: PRO, PRO XL, PRO 2XL, PRO 3XL

Color: Matt Gray / Sand decals

/! \ Note that our RAPTOR frame does not have V-Brake adapters, this frame is designed for disc braking only.


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ICE RAPTOR Carbon Frame with IRC Sytem

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